Sunday, 17 June 2018, afternoon

Metam Me

Hearty fraternal greetings and good wishes to all the brothers and the sisters.

As was explained in the morning, the universe itself is the temple and the light that pervades through the universe is seen as the male-female God. To perceive that light is best seen as the two luminaries of the system, the Sun and the Moon. They have been the guiding principles to relate to the activity of light. And there is also the energy coming from the other planetary principles. The planets belong to the solar system but the principles are universal. They exist in the planetary, solar and cosmic system. They exist at all times, either in manifestation or in potency. They are presided over by the one light, and that light is seen in its triple dimension.

Humanity as we are and as we passed through times in the earlier cycles, that is in the last part of Lemurian times and in the first time of Atlantis, we had a far greater understanding of the working of light through the seven principles. Through the seven rays, seven sounds, seven colours – relating to the qualities of Sun and Moon man gained much knowledge. Today most students think in terms of the sun signs. The quality of the Sun going through the sing of Gemini is known to us but it was not known to people of earlier centuries. The natural patterns which were very natural with us are all lost to us with the income of Kali. The knowledge is at its lowest step. It is low as per the understanding of Moon and the 16 phases of moon, the 27 constellations of moon, the energy that sun brings in during the course of the year, that was all common knowledge. The science of the equinoxes and solstices, on this basis of knowledge the pyramids were built in this part of the globe. Through the sun which was seen as the Sun God – all has been wiped out by the emotional faith. Faith was not the original basis but understanding. Faith and belief is a secondary dimension. Knowledge and experience was the primary dimension. Believer and non-believer are secondary. Are you a believer or not is irrelevant when we see the sunrise on a daily basis, there is no debate about half moon or full moon when it is there. People visit Stonehenge in Great Britain; they gained the knowledge when relating to the principles. In the first quarter of Sunday the sun presides, not in the other three quarters. In the second quarter it is Mars that prevails, in the third quarter it is Jupiter that prevails. But when you kneel down and pray, it has not effect. Only when we relate to a greater system than we are we gain a greater understanding. Likewise there is a groupal working of the planets in the solar system.

So Sunday evening is ruled by Jupiter and is very valuable to gain knowledge but normally we relate to so many things. The weekdays are also a distortion. The weekdays in olden times were on the basis of the moon phases. After seven phases there was half moon, then 7 phases and then full moon, then again seven phases and it was again half moon, then new moon. The day was counted in terms of moon phases. After seven phases it is another phase. Sunday is no holiday in creation. It is a holiday out of ignorance. There is no holiday for your breathing. Instead, there were interludes in the activities. Full moon is an interlude, half moon is an interlude. Likewise, sunrise, noon, sun set are interludes. Interludes are changes of energy. If you relate to interludes you are better off when the next phase comes.

Attuning to that change will allow you to function in the next sequence. There is a change happening, there is a curve which goes up to noon and then there is a change of energy. That is how full moon, new moon, half moon, transit of sun from one sun sign to the other, this was the change people were relating to. What is Pi? The relation between the centre and the circumference. We are the centre and all else is the surrounding. How to relate to sun, moon, stars? What is the experience you gain if we cannot relate to it? When we observe the changes, it is experience. Belief is for an immature mind, observation is for a mature mind. What was yesterday, what is today? The one who related better can be better work. The temples were built in tune with the energy system that surrounds this planet. Building a temple or a synagogue as you like or as your faith pushes you is ignorant. We have to get back to those rhythms.

I have been to the Mexican pyramids; they were built with great knowledge. Now the people walk around without understanding what they see.

There are no forms without light. The temples that were built are mostly only an expression of our ignorance: I am great, so I built this temple.

There are natural temples, certain symmetrical mountain peaks. There can be pyramid-like mountains, conical pyramidal mountains. That is how Mt. Kailash is respected; it is in a height altitude. If you go to Rio, there are mountains like Shiva lingams. Just go around Shiva lingams and drink some coca cola is ignorance. Likewise the planet has energy flows. When a river is coursing in a northern coursing river, your energy is also flowing upwards. The Rhine, the Nile – civilisations develop there. There are also rivers that flow towards east, like many sacred rivers. If you live by these rivers you live with the energies that lead you to the higher centre, to the Ajna. So to live by meaningful rivers or mountains these are nature-made energy points to experience life better. If you see the teachings of Helena Roerich in Agni Yoga: When earth has been formed it asked the divine: Kindly create some points which allow the descent of energies. We should also have such points in us. The conical form is more useful. A square and a triangle at the top is much better. A square head does not receive well. You can see the head of Ramana. It is peaking up. A square head is good to work. A head that peaks up is good to relate to the higher. Now we build houses which are like boxes, they cannot receive from higher circles.

Peaks indicate the ability to receive from higher circles. The human head is meant to receive from higher circles, not from the surroundings. Our prayers were: Father give me my daily bread, a spouse, good children, a good job. It is all upside down. To receive form higher circles and perform in lower circles. If you only relate to the surroundings you don’t need a peaking head. A square head can only follow what others do, not knowing why.

When you are travelling in a bus on a bumpy road your vehicle is also put to all kinds of bumps. When in olden times the bus had a flat tyre. The one who came out of the bus looked at the sky, then the second, the third, they are all looking to the sky, 40 persons, in the midnight hours. In the meanwhile he changes the tyre and wanted the people to get back into the bus. He asked someone: What are you looking at? – I don’t know, the one before me is looking to the sky, so I am also looking at the sky. So he asked another one. So all were looking to the sky. The first passenger said, I am not looking into the sky, thanks you your bus on the road by vehicle is in problem and I try to get my body again into position.

That is how humanity is: My neighbour has a cat, so I also need a cat; he has a house, so I also need a house. Without enquiring mankind has become blind followers. No one has the ability to think originally. If you do as a wise man does, he will explain you why he is doing. He knows why he is doing so, and if you ask him, he will tell you why he does.

So only going to temples does not bring expansion of knowledge. The knowers have noticed on the planet the energy points. Why do we go to Aconcagua, to Avila in Venezuela, to Andes, Rocky Mountains, Himalayas? Only because there are energy points? Nicholas Roerich went there because there is an abode of God. He said, staying in the Himalayas is more fulfilling than staying in the crowded places. The seers constructed temples and pyramids with full knowledge. Even today, the science of temple explains the science of man. There is the head, the heart centre, the navel centre – all the directions are completely followed. When knowers build temples, they build in tune with the cosmic man. The human is a replica of the cosmic man we call Virat, Adam Kadmon, the Cosmic Christ. We have the north at the crown; we have the energy of the north at the top of the forehead, the energy of east as Ajna, the energy of South at the heart, the energy of south-west at the tip of the spine, the energy of north-west at the nostrils. The ten directions as they exist in the humans are also seen in a temple. There is a way to get into the temple, to get into the sanctum sanctorum and to get out of the temple. There is a way to get into the temple and get out again. If not you are lost.

All this was done to allow people to relate to the macro system. When you relate to the macro-system you are in harmony with yourself. Likewise the temples conceived by the seers, besides the temples they found in nature, they found that man-made temples made with knowledge they get the planetary energies, imitating the planets. It was so with the Celts, the Druids, the Mayans. It was made to re-build the temple in us. We reside in the personality. Instead of residing in the personality you can preside over the personality. If you are presiding over the personality you can rule over the personality. We need to prepare our personality and preside over it. We as souls have all the needed resources in us to rebuild our personality and preside over it and relate to the divine. The whole is for relating to the divine. Wisdom is for adapting to the surroundings, adapting to that which surrounds you. By that you gain cooperation from all the surroundings. When you gain cooperation from all 10 directions you are strengthened. It is meant for expanding your consciousness. Rituals are for expansion of consciousness.

When there is a local sunrise you have to relate to it. The night hours are not meant for objective activity. Doing objective activity is not meant for the night, it is meant for subjective activity. Late night activity is not in tune with the rhythm. Late morning sleeping is not in tune with the rhythm. Your system is not in tune with the greater system. As per humanity, we are totally out of gear thanks to the religions. The knowledge is to relate to sun, moon, the day, the equinoxes and solstices. If you don’t do it, religions says, you go to hell. Hell is a place where you don’t experience light. Do we experience light? When we don’t experience light, we are in hell. Hell is darkness, heaven is light. The idea to build a temple is to move from untruth to truth.

Asato Ma Sad Gamaya, Tamaso ma Jyothir Gamaya Mrityur Ma Amritam Gamaya. Lead me from untruth to truth, from darkness to light, from death to immortality. If you do this prayer seriously, someone will come into your life. That is how the prayer is. If you keep on doing it blindly, it is blind following the blind, it is the activity of the age of Kali.

A temple is a place of learning. When you go to a temple today, we have to pay a ticket and we come back with a funny feeling, I have been there too. The wisdom should lead you to the presence of God. There are three parts in the temple. There is one part relating to knowledge. The first chamber is the hall of learning, the second is the chamber of wisdom, the third is the holy of holies. The lower torso is the hall of learning. The upper torso is the hall of wisdom; the head is the sanctum sanctorum, where you can experience God in terms of Will, knowledge and in terms of manifesting the wisdom. Each one is a temple with the sanctum sanctorum in the head, the wisdom in the upper torso, the lower torso for relating to the objective world. The upper torso is for relating to the subjective world, the head is most important for relating to the divine. First in importance comes the relating to the head, then the relation to the wisdom. Knowledge as the basis, wisdom is the means to manifest, from top down. We have to make sure that we relate to the knowledge. There have been teachers on the planet ever since the beginning of the planets. When the humans came to the planet the teachers already came. It is like in a school, the teachers have to be there when the children come. Teachers came along with the children into the school, meaning the planet. Teachers are always there to teach, to show you the way. Teachers are not those who make you move around themselves all the time. If he says, please move into this direction. It does not end with his hand. Worshipping the teacher is done in Kali age. Don’t sit at the index finger where the path is shown. Teachers show the way, they are not there to be aggrandized as Gods. Teachers shun worship of them, they want worship of God. A true teacher wants you to relate to the source from where he came and you came. Respecting the teacher is one thing, cooperating with the teacher is the other thing. When you start to operate, he starts to cooperate. You are already in operation. So when you are operating he starts cooperating.

So there are primarily temples made by nature, then there are temples build by teachers. Teachers are immortal, his teachings also remain immortal, his acts remain immortal. So also the students also tend toward immortality. So devas made temples on the planet by way of trees, temples, mountains. High-rise trees are seen as trees. The Sheba tree, a vertical tree, the pine tree, the Devadaru, meaning the cedar tree in the Himalayas, are seen as temples. Sheba trees, pine trees, Devadaru, these are deva-made temples. Rivers that flow towards north and east, these are helpful. Likewise staying with a teacher who is the energy is also helpful. Therefore, these are seen as temples. A teacher is a mobile temple. A tree or a mountain are not. The purpose is to realise that we are equally divine.

For that observing nature and following the rhythms of nature is most important. Incoming 7th ray, you have to let it come into you – how? By adapting to it. If we not adapt to it, how can it come in. To get back to natural system is to set yourself onto a journey. Conducting the journey. There are directions as per the flights. If you go to the airport in time you have the chance of getting to the plane. You cannot get there before the time. You have to adapt to the schedule, the rhythm of the railway or the flight. You can’t have your own time: I am here, why it is not there? You can’t come an hour late. The lower system has to adapt to the higher system. Likewise, before the sunrise you should be available to receive the sunrise. Likewise sunset has its energy. Full moon has its energy, full moon, half moon, every moon phase; every sun sign has its energy. Adapting to these energies allows us to get the related energies.

Since the last 30 years I have been coming to the West in the month of Gemini. The aspiring humans can relate to wisdom better in the month of Gemini. There are rhythms set by nature. It is not a holiday that you have reached here. If I come to Visakhapatnam airport, I am not yet in Iguazu. I have to adapt to the airport in Mumbai, Frankfurt… When I am at Visakhapatnam airport, I have a chance to get to Iguazu. We are very insignificant related to the earth. If you fall in tune to relate to the rhythm of the earth, you stand a good chance to attune to the greater system. The earth is in relation to the greater system. The sunrise is the best time to relate to the golden light of the sun. You should relate to it when it is there, it is not there at other times. Only when you adjust you get the related experience. We are all in a kind of emotional path when we think we are already in tune. The hierarchy shows us the path to adjust. How beautiful it is when the Master says: “To whose Temple the Arch is starlit…”

Why can’t you relate to a path of stars? You can see them in Iguazu, not in the cities. Make a habit of seeing the stars, you see so many stars. “To whose temple the arch is starlit. In whose temple the sun is the image of God.” We don’t say the sun is God. It goes beyond, we relate with Gayatri to the sun, the central sun and the cosmic sun. We sing Gayatri with a half-unconscious mind in the morning and with a sleepy mind in the evening. More and more knowledge you gain replaces all your petty beliefs, they crumble down and you start functioning with knowledge. We place the pictures of the Masters only to relate to them. Master of wisdom is a giant of wisdom, a huge tower of wisdom. Any master is good enough to gain the wisdom. The light of knowledge puts away the darkness of ignorance. You are walking more and more into the realms of truth from untruth. There are so many untrue belief systems to gain control over you. The best business is a business without investment, it is the business related to God. In the name of God people do so many things, they gain power over other people and become rich. But the path is the other way. It enables you to expand from within and it does not bind you to any belief system. It only enables you to enquire. A Master of Wisdom is in search of people who enquire and not to fall on his feet. Master EK said, I am not here to fall on my feet; I have come for you to stand on your feet. Each man has to become self-supportive. A child leans on the parents, a student leans on the teacher, a teacher does want the student to stand on his own feet. If a child after 20 years stays at the finger of the mother and says, “Mummy..:” Does a teacher the right thing when the students remain dependant on him? He shows the light within and drives the student to see the light within. Then he has done his service, not when the people remain depending on him. There are many teachers who live on their students. All this ignorant game is dispensed once you walk into knowledge. Therefore the teachers say, We respect free will. Have free will and an enquiring mind and once you know, you practice it. When you practice you learn more. Every learning has to be followed by the related practice. That is how a teacher has to be, how a doctor has to be, he cannot have the patients hang around him. He is a source for you to have your own system. If you are with the same doctor for 10 years, the doctor is not curing you. So also a teacher, the students are the sacred beings to be set on the path by giving the related knowledge and support. That is how the teachers have been functioning to build a temple within us. They are the mobile temples.

There is the universe as temple, there are places which are temples and there are teachers as temples. As we learn the wisdom enables us to experience. The temple is nothing but your own personality. A personality can be a ruin. There are ruins which can be restructured, the teacher helps you to do it, to make it a good home and a good temple. A house which is in ruin can be transformed step by step to a sacred temple step by step. That is the theme we will cover in small steps. Thank you.

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