Dear all,
Please find below the notes from the seminar on “The Temple”, part 3 – Monday morning.

Cordial greetings from Brazil


Monday, 18 June 2018, morning

To whose temple the Arch is starlit,…

Metam Me…

Hearty fraternal greetings and good wishes to all the brothers and the sisters.

That the man is a triple shall have to be the fundamental understanding of an occult student. There is the heavenly man in us, we are but offsprings of the heavenly man, and we have a personality. That is three in one. The personality is also called the beast. The man should rule over the personality. The heavenly man is within us and also beyond us and is around us. It is like if you see a glass in the river stream. There is water in the glass and all around. The vessel is sunk in the river; there is water inside and all around. The heavenly man is inside and all around. He is the basis upon which we spring out as individual soul. The heavenly man springs out as an individual man and he has a personality to relate to the world. That is how we are three in one. This shall have to be known if we wish to realise the temple in us. The personalities are different but the soul that springs out from the super soul is common. If you take your vessel to the river and bring water from the river. Another person brings water in his vessel. The vessels are different but it is the same water. Likewise the personalities are different but the soul is one. A person who moves on a donkey is different from a person who moves on a horse. There can be an eagle-like personality, a horse-like personality, a snake-like personality, a turtle-like personality… They are different. A bull is a bull, a cow is a cow. The bull is so full of power, the cow is soft. Personalities are different, the persons are the same. They are eternal because we spring out from the eternal being. As we wake up in the morning, we take shower, put on our dress, comb our hair. When we see the image in the mirror, you should know that you are three in one. The form belongs to the personality but the one who looks at the mirror is always the same person. The pictures 10 years ago, 20 years ago, they don’t look like what you are today. In the mirror you see the eyes; when you look into the mirror, look first into the eyes. The light is the same. We don’t think we are changing when we look into the mirror. Only when we meet friends they say, you have changed, but we have not changed. The personality is ever changing. It is like the weather, it always changes. Likewise the personalities are ever changing, it has to be stabilised. It is a facility given to us to relate to the world. Just like a horse is a facility, and eagle, a donkey. You are not your personality. Personality is what you develop through life, and even after you depart from this body the personality keeps accompany you. If you have a donkey-like personality you won’t have a horse-like personality next time. The horse transforms from a brown horse to a grey, a white horse. The Masters want that humanity learns to fly in Aquarian age, without machines. Another promise is that we won’t die. We form a personality that we don’t die. Our personality can lift us up. That is why in the 6th chapter of Bhagavad Gita: A part of you can be your friend; a part can be an enemy, ever complaining. In a group people do so well but at home the personality says, Should you get up every morning for the prayer? That’s the personality. But in a group like this the personality keeps fine. The personality can wait until you come home.

To transform a personality is a great work. You cannot come out of it. Our personality will accompany is even beyond this incarnation. As you arrive next time that what we have left behind waits until you come back. On the return journey to incarnation, the personality says, hi, how are you, you have been away for a long time. It waits for you.

But if you have gained a very useful, compassionate personality, it helps you to accomplish many things. You need to know what you have accomplished. A dominative personality is called a spouse dominating the other spouse. As long as one dominating the other there is no good life between them. Therefore Manu Vaivasvata has set up the marriage as a good training ground. You meet the other as a training ground. A man and woman living together for 20, 30 years they tend to be true friends, companions. They feel that the other is just part of oneself. The person and the personality shall have to find out an agreeable ground.

All religions ignorantly preach suppression of personality. The science of spirituality completely abandons the idea of suppression. You oblige your personality, so it will also oblige you. There are so many stories of George killing the dragon. A white dragon is of great help, it can help you to accomplish great acts. Therefore, the first and fundamental things we have to realise that we are not just one. I am there, my personality is there and my father is there in me. Call him father, Master or THAT. THAT I Am is our original status, Soham. Aham Saha means, I AM THAT, therefore I have chosen the mantra Hamsa Shiva Soham for this group life. Therefore we sing AHAM SAHA; it is Shiva, the energy that pervades the whole, the most auspicious one. Don’t think that there is always a fountain on his head and there are serpents around his neck – that is only symbolic. THAT I AM. I AM THAT. THAT I AM. That is given in the Vedic text as AHAM SAHA, I AM THAT. THAT is Shiva. Therefore: HAMSA (I AM THAT) Shiva (THAT) Soham (THAT I AM). It is much more poetical as HAMSA SHIVA SOHAM. By that you are gaining the understanding that the divine is gaining the identity of THAT. There is no wave without the ocean. There is the dimension of THAT in us; therefore humans are considered divine because there is a dimension in them that the divine is in them.

You put marmalade on your bread, you are the marmalade, it is THAT in all. We normally feel that we are the personality. We live only as personalities; only here in the group we feel that we are the soul. Personalities have their likes and dislikes. These are much from the conditions from which they have sprung up. There are some people who like all weather. They adapt. Otherwise they feel unhappy with heat, cold or rain. The rounded-up personality is not affected with the changes. Throughout the year the seasons get changing so that we get seasoned. We cannot stand heat, cold, rain. There are things we don’t like; these are all relations of the personality. The wholesome development of personality is what is envisioned. In the temple, what is his name? THAT. It exists on all levels. From that we spring and develop our personality. Temple work demands that we daily have seen the One; it is not only compassionate, it has complete ability, but we are not that able. We are not that knowledgeable. It is within you and beyond you.

A Master of Wisdom can get out of his body at any time. The divine in you is the Master. When we say Namaskarams Master, we are only trying to align with the background of your being. That is the basis for all the pulsation that is happening within us. Do we know that we exist in sleep? We have merged with the source in us that we have sprung from THAT. Only when the awareness awakes we know that we are. Even if you set your alarm it does not work. You awareness is not awake. There is a super-being in you, meaning beyond. Each one of us carries a super man in us. The man beyond the man. He is the true super man. When Moses went on the mount and saw the bush burning, it is the golden bush inside, the heart centre. It is within. If Noah has heard that a deluge is coming he got the information from inside. All that is inside is also outside. There is the super man, the man and the personality outside. In relation to the super man you can train your personality because he is all able. The super man, his knowledge is unlimited, you are limited.

It the Vedas they call it as IT only, they did not name it. The name is IT or THAT. When you are with the Master in you, you are already two in one. You and your Master. When you are with a master, you are already with the one. The purpose is to align with the master in you. He is verily the basis of your existence. It has no form, no name. Some religions speak about the unnameable. If you put water into a ball it is round, if you put it into another form it takes to another form. We have too many name and forms, the energy is flowing out. The energy of God is a boundless energy. A much as you expand so much energy is coming to you.

These three have to be realised first. It is the image of God. When God functions through you the temple starts working. Some temples are desecrated. The temple of Ibez had to be dissolved; it was put to a wrong use, and abuse of knowledge. As we continue to work with this knowledge we tend to be more and more useful. If there is a point of light, it is the theme of life which moves towards east, north, south, west. The one who is with all dimensions is all around. In whichever direction you think, your energy flows out from you. If you directly see into you, you meet the countless reservoir of energy. You are reinforced, re-plenished. As much as you are functioning inside you are functioning outside.

The potential of man can never be understood. We should know that we are three in one but not just one. “I am Kumar, I am an Indian” – that is kindergarten. We all think we are Indian, German, Brazilian, Argentinian – I am that I am. This is what we should realise. If you step down into your personality it is such a gloomy energy. It is like stepping from a palace into a dark hut. Don’t reside in your personality, keep with persons. If we reside in personalities we fall in a kind of illusion. A cat always demands. Don’t misunderstand me, they are call personalities who always something from the other. The dog jumps when the owner comes and jumps on the owner. A cat is a sucker, it keeps on sucking energy. It is very cosmetic. There are people who keep on making themselves clean. The cat always keeps itself clean. There are all cats in the humans. On the contrary a dog is totally for the other. Personality is a sucker. It sucks the energy of the soul and tries to present itself. I want to see this, buy that, seeking, seeking, seeking. It says, I want God. God is not for seekers, it is for offerers. “I offer the lotus of my day” I am not seeking. In Kali age all is turned upside down, we are all negative by ignorance. The scripture says, lea rot offer and know the glory of life. The plant offers, the animals offer, the 5 elements offer. A cow offers its milk, the bull offers, everything on the planet offers. But we have a personality which works contrary to the laws of nature. If you wish to enter into a temple your attitude should not be, what do I get if I go to Iguazu? What do you do? The personality is seeking, seeking. You fall into a hut. There is great light in a palace and little light in a hut. The hut hides the light.

The personality is one dimension, soul is another dimension. When they start exploiting the king, the kingdom becomes weak. Our personality should be subservient to the soul. It should be ready to manifest acts of offering. “I have come to give, not to receive, is the attitude of a king. It is because your attitude is to give, receiving is incidental. You should not work for wealth, wealth should be incidental. Keep on helping in terms of your resources. A temple is not a seeking temple. A temple seeking donations is an act of Kali. It is blasphemy. A temple has such a status that it can offer anyone who comes into its field. You offer to the almighty not for the managers who run the temple, it is all a game of money. The energy you call almighty, is it dependent on you? If you wish to get into the temple, “be a sun, be a giver.” Whatever little you have, keep giving. That is the first step for the transformation of persons. Self-seeking personality distances itself from light. That is why although we know that we should get inside, into the heart centre, the Ajna, the personality is working contrary. We say, May the light in me be the light before me… Where is the light in you? Look into the mirror and see your eyes. If there is light, meaning the inside light is shining forth through the eyeballs. It is deep in you and comes forward. You can see the light in your own eyes.

For the temple work to begin, to turn inward is important, meaning turning subjective. We turn objective, since childhood with are taught to see outward. From childhood we should be given instruments not only to turn objective but also objective. If you are turning only objective you are running away from the temple.

Above the diaphragm it is subjective, below it is all objective. The occult anatomy tells you that your lower torso is your personality; upper torso is the abode of man. It is called Narasimha, the man in the heart. Simha is where you hear the sound of Soham. The one who lives in the heart is living the dimension of the person. The head relates to the super man, the upper torso relates to the man and the lower torso relates to the personality. So you can divide the human body into these three portions. Below your diaphragm you are living in the personality. To shift from the navel – navel is below diaphragm, sacral is below diaphragm. Animal does the same thing, it only look for the food. The man should not look for the food. If you are below the diaphragm you are always working for the body. Personality is body-oriented, not soul-oriented. The personality is not bothered about the soul, just about the body. Therefore we say, man lives in the navel as an animal. The solar plexus, from all 360 directions tries to receive. It is a sucker. The solar angel is a giver, he is at the head. Moon insofar as it is oriented to the world is personality oriented. If you turn the mirror to the sun it reflects. The mirror should be oriented to the above. The soul gives orientation t the personality. Personality program puts you to some kind of depletion all the time. The heart repeats all the time “Here I am”. It is called Hridayam, meaning “Here I am.” It even turns to the head, where you have the divine in you. If you relate to the divine in you, your personality will fold into order.

The personality is generally stronger than the soul, it does not obey: This is wrong, this is right. Many wrong things are considered right by the personality.

Turning inward, to the heart. You can be inside at the heart, at the head, below the diaphragm. There three categories: those who are completely personality-oriented, there kind be man in man, and there can be beast in man. They are three in man. The divine, the human and the animal. Temple work is possible only when we have this understanding and shift the awareness from one state to the other. Throughout the globe there is glamour for meditation today but meditation is not happening. It is good that men think of meditation. Prayer can also be done inwards. The key to light can never be found by those who turn outside. Capitalism, communism, any ism is not a solution. Turning inward is the solution. The wisdom says to contemplate either in the brow centre or adapt to meditation and be in the brow centre. Until the centre of the super soul is open no work relating to the super soul can be done. The passage is from Ajna to head. In ancient times the temples were built from above downwards. The head is formed first in the body, later the body. It is not born from feet to ankle, hips, lower torso, upper torso. It is always from above down; from above it can be magnetic. Below the diaphragm, it is a fast food centre, not only eating food but through the senses all around us. From above downward we have to form the temple. To build the temple from above downwards. The Masters have realised the temple, so they can give us easier ways to gain the temple.

Imagine the energy of Jupiter in Sahasrara, all-knowing energy, expansion of consciousness. At Ajna centre contemplate upon the sun, the effulgent centre from where the light shines. Throat is the centre of Mercury, contemplate there upon speech. In the heart it is Venus, it gives us the beauty of nature. Nature exists in nine folds. Contemplate upon Venus in the heart, Moon in the navel because it is the basis for us to work with. Moon is the mind. With the help of mind you can reflect upon the characteristics of mind. The characteristics of Venus in the heart, all that is subtle, the knowledge of the subtle is the work of Venus. Moon at solar plexus. Mars at sacral centre to set it right. I have given the Kumara dimensions of Mars in a book. Saturn is the basis. Regularly contemplate all the planets in your body. Your body is the earth. You are positing the solar system in your body in a miniature form. Each one is a solar system. That is why there is a saying in the Vedas: I am no different from the sun that I see. We are the sun; we also have the other planets within us. We have the body as the earth. Contemplate on it, this is the fundamental step to build the temple, do it daily, don’t think as a piecemeal of the planets, move from above downwards and from below upwards. That is a step to start. By doing the contemplation in these centres, unconsciously we are turning subjective. Keep on doing it. It is a wandering star. You can bring the flying bird back and bring it into your body. Put it with the elevator from Sahasrara to Muladhara and vice versa. Move into the entire cerebro-spinal column, which is the abode of God. Think of the inner column from Sahasrara to muladhara. Put it at the different centres for some time. Try to gain knowledge relating to these centres, the related petals, colours, sounds on the petals. Like that you can keep on improving. It has to be a practice, Nyasa Vidya, the science of correspondence. Keep moving in the subjective without much effort. It is so tangible for an occult student that there is a subjective life. He grows into the subjective life, he then works outside and brings the inner into the outside. I will later give you some of these techniques so that you can live it the temple and gradually over incarnations make it into a golden temple and diamond temple.

The outside, which is one fourth, is mortal; the other three fourth are divine. We are in such a poor condition; we are with the one portion which is immoral and divine. To get into the immortal and divine side we have to go inside. We continue in the afternoon. Thank you.