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Please find below the notes from the seminar on “An Approach to Synthesis”, part 1 – Monday afternoon.

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Monday, 18 June 2018, afternoon

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In the morning we spoke about the seven lights which we relate to by relating to the seven centres in us. The seven centres we generally note from Sahasrara to Muladhara are the 7 chief lights of the temple. The 7 lights have to be related to every day to know that this body is not just a body of flesh and blood but it carries also the 7 lights which are in the universe. By relating to the lights in us the esteem would be very high. That we carry these lights in us is of extraordinary importance. Because of these 7 lights there are 7 plexuses in us. In these 7 lights you find two lights in the head, two lights in the upper torso and 3 lights in the lower torso. There is Ajna and Sahasrara in the head, then Visuddhi and Anahata in the upper torso and Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base in the lower torso. The head is of light, then there is the heart and then the solar plexus and the part below the diaphragm. These three parts contain 7 lights. These parts should be related to constantly. When we say Guru Brahma – Brahman, he has no form, sun is an image of him. That one, in his temple there are 3 dimensions, Brahma, who is in the lower torso, Vishnu is in the upper torso in Shiva is in the head. When we say Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Deva Maheshvara, it is 1st, 2nd and 3rd Logos. These 3 have to be seen as the 3 dimensions of the One. The holy trinity consists of the 1st logos at the head, the 2nd Logos at the upper torso, the 3rd logos in the lower torso. The 3 on the background of the One, he is the 4th one, the unspeakable, unnameable God. On his basis there is the triangle with the 3 Logos. Then when we say, CVV, you can also relate the 3 sounds, C in the head, then one V upper torso, then second V to lower torso. Don’t do anything to which you can’t relate. We have to relate to to give the needed chemistry. The food we take has to be related to. If we don’t relate, we have no relation. We have to think of head, upper torso and lower torso when saying Guru Brahma…. The fundamental three, in them you have again 7, as details. When you go to a temple, in first visit you see some details, in the 2nd visit you see more, in the 3rd visit you see more. All that is in cosmos is also in man, by relating within we can relate to the cosmos.

First understanding of the temple is the triple, then it is the 7, going into detail you can go to 49. But we stay with 7. If you go to Iguazu falls they see each time more. By the time you can become a guide. Our brother Hugo who regularly goes to the Falls he can tell you so many details. If you relate, you feel that you are not just a mortal. There is a part in us which is mortal and a part which is immortal. The immortal is always there, at all times. The mortal is only there for a certain time. The knower knows that he does not die. One of the 3 that we constitute dies. There is the God in man, he is called Narayana. Then there is the man in God, he is called Nara, the beings are eternal beings, they are presided by Narayana. From him the beings descend, they grow, experience and come back to him. Just like every day the sun comes out, goes to midday, then the afternoon and apparent darkness again. Narayana means cyclical movement. The one who conducts a cyclical movement of beings, the beings are born, grow and withdraw and disappear. This happens in the different dimensions. Even every act that we do is a triple function. We commence with the seminar in the afternoon. After half of the time it slowly withdraw and then there is a fading away. But every fading away there is a new bloom. There is the God in man, the man in God, and the personality. The personality also does not die, it keeps changing. How much you improve your personality, so much you will be able to manifest and to experience. For a Master of Wisdom has grown into such dimensions that it occupies all three dimensions, the cosmic plane, the solar plane and the planetary plane. There are flying dragons; there are beings who mount on flying dragons. Varuna is the one who mounts on a flying dragon. The growth is on the basis what they develop. The initiates develop and in an incarnation the body is left and then they come back and grow, to reach planetary consciousness. Like we know what is happening around us they know what is happening around the earth. There are great beings like Lord Maitreya; they have grown to cosmic dimensions. If you get to the ultimate, there is the trinity. Even they are beings like you and me but they have grown and grown. What is it that has grown? The personality. So we keep on developing the personality. We develop different forms of personality. From the body of flesh and blood we develop the golden body, sukshma sarira, subtle body. Karana Sarira, the diamond body.

World Teacher Trust is an organisation. When we founded it in 1971, we said it will expand to global level. It was only local. To grow unto the planet. An organisation is also called an artificial person. We are natural person; there is no limit to it. The personality is what we keep on developing from life to life. As much as we develop the form, so much it takes to the 5 elements. As much as you grow, so much radiates your personality. With a Master of Wisdom every part is so radiant. CW Leadbeater when he saw Master Kuthumi he saw how very beautiful he is. He never thought that a man can be so beautiful. The form takes to the related contours and the proportional way. The forehead is an expression of intelligence. How small are the eyes, what colour they carry? From transparent eyes, blue eyes, yellow eyes to brown eyes. The nose, the mouth, they are all indicative of the evolution. They keep on growing to the right proportions. Da Vinci has given the proportions of a perfect man. By virtue of the knowledge man carries he is in tune with right proportions.

Krishna is so completely beautiful; everything with him is so beautiful. Everything with him there is so beautiful and sweet. Anything he does is so beautiful. The people who fought on the other side looked at him and said, Ah! The avatar Rama, when he was fighting with a diabolic, looking a Rama he just melts like butter. His very form is so very magnetic. The form takes the needed changes when you take to the wisdom. Don’t’ take to diet. When you take to the higher things, the lower things fall into order. If you try to set things right at the lower plane it does not work. Aiming at the divine side of your being your body slowly gets ordered. A Master of Wisdom looks at the order in a student. According to the order there is the beauty. From the toe to the top of the head, with a Master of Wisdom everything is in order. It is on account of the wisdom embedded in him. We do not aim at the beauty of form but the beauty of wisdom. Greece was the entry door from the orient into the occident. The Greek had great passion for wisdom. When they had such a passion they grew to such heights. The passion for wisdom was slowly replaced by the passion of form. Replace the passion for the form with the passion for the wisdom. The passion for the form will not stay long. When you are youthful the form is bloomy but thereafter the beauty of the form fades away. A wise man who is very old, he is still very beautiful, it is the beauty of wisdom, not of the form. The beauty transforms the body. Do not look for exterior things how to maintain the body. The body maintains itself because it has its own intelligence. That is what is called body language. When you are not hungry don’t eat. When a chocolate is offered for the second time, you eat it. Or Dulce de Lecce in Argentina. They are all temporary things but wisdom is eternal. An eternal association is formed when you associate to wisdom. When you see the flower in the morning. The flower is so beautiful in the morning but in the evening it is already faded away. But the wisdom does not fade. The form aspect is not given so much importance in the fields of wisdom. What different it makes whether the book has a good binding or not, the content is important. If you get spoiled milk in a golden container, you don’t drink it. But if the drink is tasty you don’t bother whether it is gold, silver or glass container. For a person like me it does not matter in which cup cappuccino is offered. By 84 years the body is still beautiful when the inner wisdom is there.

Therefore the personality has to be improved upon by your passion for wisdom. From 1992, since I stepped for the first time into South America, every time there is a gathering and learning of wisdom and an ardent invitation to come back. It is not because of the form but because of the wisdom. That passion for wisdom causes the growth. When you are all with the magnet it keeps on magnetizing. Magnet does not stop, wherever it is, all the time 24 hours 7 days it magnetizes. When you have the passion for wisdom causes the needed changes in you. To start with the quality of your eating changes effortless. What you eat is not so important, what you think is important. When you think of realms of light, the lower things naturally fall into order. You don’t speak like before. Your outer physical activity reflects wisdom. Wisdom reflects in your speech and thoughts. Therefore this personality is to be put to the needed changes. That happens when we see the various dimensions of light in us. First the 3 dimensions and then the 7 lights in the temple. The first 3 lights represent a triangle; the next 4 lights represent a square. A triangle over a square represents the temple; a square without a triangle represents nothing. The triangle is by Jupiter, Sun and Venus. You can relate to the related centres. Jupiter is in the head, sun is in the Ajna, Venus is in the heart. Don’t think that throat is higher than the heart. The higher centres are Sahasrara presided over by Jupiter, Ajna, presided over by Sun and heart, presided over by Venus. The sound of Sun is O. Ga is Jupiter, Ga-o, Venus is Pa. Ga+o+pa forms Gopa. Gopi, Gopa, all these combinations are Sun-Jupiter combinations. Go has become cow in English. The energy of Jupiter is abundantly found in the cow. Therefore the cow is respected by the Vedic seers. In the Sahasrara there is the Jupiterian energy. When Sun and Ajna is linked, we become Go. Therefore they speak of the plane beyond the 7 planes as Go-loka. There is a relation between Jupiter and Sun, it is like a great initiate and a great king together.

If an emperor is really able to expand the kingdom, behind the emperor there was always a man of wisdom. Be it Napoleon, Alexander, Philipp the Great. It is the combination of Jupiter and Sun, a man of wisdom and a king. When you combine both you keep on expanding your awareness.

Pa, the sound of Venus, the beauty is that you have the experience of the Sun and Jupiter. If you add another sound La, Lam, La is the sound of Neptune. Sun as the centre, if you have Jupiter, Neptune and Venus around, that is the most high and blissful state of experience. We should know Sahasrara, Ajna. Sahasrara, Jupiter is the advisor. And Ajna, the Sun, is the executive, that conducts. In heart you have the experience. These three are also related to the trinity. Sahasrara, Ajna and the Heart. Will, knowledge and activity. This triangle is very important that we relate to the three higher centre and the 4 lower centre. Mercury, Saturn, Moon, Mars. Saturn indicates procedure. If we don’t follow the procedure of video or audio making they don’t function. When you do not follow the procedure they do not function. If you wish to travel to Argentina, there is a procedure, every game has a procedure. Football, the right forward, the left forward…. They have procedures. If you don’t adapt to certain procedures you are halted for your own good. When you see a red light on the road you have to stop. You cannot feel the red light as boring. People who often meet red lights feel it as boring but they are needed. If you don’t follow the procedures, Saturn halts you only to learn to follow the procedures. From time to time, when Saturn makes a conjunction, opposition or square with Moon, it makes you learn procedures. Unless you learn you cannot proceed. If you overlook you are bound to fall. To build a structure like this there is needed a procedure, how strong must be the pillars? You can’t have week pillars and have a wide room; the roof will fall on you.

For everything there are procedures. Inclination to follow procedures makes you like Saturn.

Then at the sacral centre Mars is the presiding centre. He is the trouble shooter for a person who is in disorder. Mars should always be set on targets, on tasks. Task after task. Hercules was given task after task to be set into order. If we don’t have tasks we don’t raise and get into non-essential things. It is dangerous to be at leisure, people start of eating something which is not needed. The weak point in you come when you are at leisure, you would like to smoke, fight with your wife. She will like to fight when she is at leisure. Leisure is a danger unless you have learnt to apply the energy in a rightful manner. If a person is not given tasks, right from 7 years, the child is given tasks. Labour after labour, that would create a regulated behaviour in you. Mars is the goal-getter, and that Mars should be always set in tasks. A bull that is set on the task of tilling the land, he has to get work, bull-work. In our country there are bulls running around and eating away everything. It has to be yoked. Horses were used for driving, not tilling. Bulls have stamina, Mars gives the task. Setting on tasks is called aspiration. While we were children we needed to be given aspiration. The prime minister of India today at a day he was selling tea at a railway platform. Imagine how much he set his energy into the right direction. There was a prime minister of Russia who was distributing newspaper. To be something in life there has to be aspiration: I want to be the best professional. Likewise if you have passion for wisdom you should aspire to be an initiate.

The horse is set the blinds to only see the path. Then it keeps moving on the path and not walk hither and thither. When Mars is on the task there is nothing that Mars cannot achieve.

We have a story in the scriptures about Kumara in the book on Mars. He was very powerful. A powerful man should never be without task. Mars was set on the task to restrain the diabolics into their fields. They have the habit to transgress. In all mythologies you have the diabolics causing problems to the divine. They are very powerful. It is an insupportable situation. Just a good man is not enough. He was given the task of fighting the diabols in creation, it is an eternal task. There are diabolics in us, it is suggesting us in the morning to sleep and not get up. The diabolics in us try to get us off from using the dawn hours and do the prayers. Meditation, study and service is the triangle – do we really studying the teachings of the Masters? They are always there. If Mars is at work, he makes sure that we get up and do the prayers. Blessed are those in whom Mars is active and who are set on tasks. We say we would do something in a certain time and then get off of it. Mars in his vocabulary there is no such thing as lethargy. He would not let the lethargy come in, it is a diabolic. The light of Mars develops enough direction and energy. What you are to do is the Moon in solar plexus. Moon when it is angled to the higher circles it reflects the higher energy. Mirror always reflect what is there. It can reflect the Mars. The mind shows the way. If we look to the left here, there is a beautiful sunset, to the right there is a wall. We don’t know that the diabolics are at work. Not to have the right occurrence at the right moment is diabolic. We pray to the light of Gayatri that we get the right thought at the right moment. When Moon relates to Ajna, to Sun. Solar plexus energy is moon energy, when Moon is oriented to Sun it is full moon, when it is not oriented to the Sun it is not full moon.

In ancient times solar plexus was seen as most important centres for human beings because we are all mind-oriented beings. Mind shall have to make sure that we receive from higher circles, not from lower circles. Then we gain the virginity of thought, it is fresh. Verticality shall have to be inculcated to the mind, the mind shall think of Sahasrara, Ajna and Anahata. Moon shall have to be oriented for a time to the higher circles. Then it can bring thoughts of light into the daily life. The solar plexus is seen as a centre to bring in the plan with the help of Moon.

The heart gives you the experience; the throat centre gives you the expression, from subjective to objective. Then Ajna, the centre where the will of God is known. How to relate to it? I will give you a simple order.

Think of Will of God at the highest centre…

Ajna centre…

Throat centre…

Experience of light at the heart centre

Solar plexus…


Adapting to the procedure in muladhara.

That is how the order is set.

Where is the switch that you wish to go right or left in the car, if you don’t know where the accelerator is, the break, and if you keep driving you make accidents. More and more you have cars with so much devices. You have to read the manual before riding the car, otherwise you will make accidents.

Many people by big TVs but don’t know how to use it. You have to read the manual. It can also be linked to internet, have e-mail. You have to read the manual or relate to a man who has the knowledge. The mobile phone is not just a phone; it has so many various functions. You shall have the patience to learn or relate to a person who knows. I relate to my son. The one who teaches you is the teacher for you. Otherwise we have wrong instinct. By nature we don’t want to adapt to procedures. The mind wants to skip procedures. Even in developed countries when they drive early in the morning they don’t respect the traffic lights. It is dangerous.

We have to take to procedures. The whole creation is full of procedures. If you eat more than what is needed it gives problems, if you eat less it gives problems. You have to eat the right amount. The same with sleep or speech. In anything we use in relation to our body there are procedures. That is what Saturn stands for. It reflects into higher circles with the help of Moon in solar plexus. Master Djwhal Khul gives so many keys. Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter is an expansive consciousness, Saturn is a consolidating consciousness. Every expansion shall have to be followed by a consolidation. Those who know how to build don’t build the whole wall on a day. They build a part and then wait. Ajna, the sun centre, and sacral centre, there is a bridge, like Muladhara and Sahasrara. You take the order from the higher circles and put it to action with the help of Mars.

Then Mercury and Moon, throat and solar plexus. If you build the bridge you get to the heart centre. You can relate to the energies in you by which the temple is built. Don’t think that it is built by itself. Only by yourself you can build it. You can have the knowledge of building from those who have it.

I gave some more dimensions of the relations of the centres. Sahasrara and muladhara, Ajna and sacral…. There are many more dimensions, the time is up. I will give more dimensions tomorrow.
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